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now it feels like christmas.


it's snowing in london (: i'm watching michael buble perform at the royal variety performance, and have had an exceptionally cold but very pretty and enjoyable day. gave in my college applications after much struggling, so hopefully i should make it to either strode's or henley. if i get to strode's, i'll scrape by, but if i get to henley, i'll go on to do good things. that's why there's only about half a chance that i'll get in, really. anyway, things are freezing, and i have one full day of school left before christmas. can't wait! it's josh's big fancy christmas bash on friday evening, which i intend to look DAZZLING for (yeah, right) but i won't get up to mischief. Much. Promise. After that I intend to barricade myself in my house with warm, expensive festive food and the best television for all year round until new year. Merry Crimbo, everybody.

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