December 24th, 2009

it's easier than it looks.


I really don’t measure out my food, and this literally takes minutes.  I saw it on TV but my own recipe turned out better and very, very different; bash up some chocolate chip cookies in a sandwich bag until you’ve got a bag full of cookie rubble; we don’t want cookie sand, but a few grains might just help. Add glacé cherries and mini-marshmallows in equal quantities, until you have a rather large bowlful. (Not a cereal bowl, one of those cake mix ones.) Now take a block/tub of butter and cut out a third of it; melt the third, and add three broken up, super-sized bars of chocolate as the butter is mellowing. Make sure you keep it on a low heat, and keep stirring so you can avoid as many lumps as possible. It’s melted butter with melted chocolate, it ain’t gonna look pretty straight away. If you see your chocolate becoming lumpy and grainy, remove as much butter as you can and add a quarter glass of milk, maybe cream if you can.  It appears idiot proof, but you still can fuck it up. It’s hard to, though. (I did, nevertheless.) Once it’s at the right consistency, and exactly then, turn off the heat and add the mix of cookie rubble, glacé cherries and marshmallows. It’ll appear as though the chocolate isn’t quite enough to cover the ingredients, but it will cover it, trust me. It should. It won’t be easy mixing either, but keep working at it. Spoon the mixture into a square sort of tin, and leave out until it’s at room temperature. Impatient? Sure, put it in the fridge when it’s near enough room temperature. Then wait until it’s completely cold to slice it up into little chunks – Wait. If you try and be impatient this time, your plan will fail. Wait until it’s completely cold, slice, decorate, and serve (:

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